Add A New Mailing List
Posted by Justin Thomas, Last modified by on 12 May 2015 06:18:33 PM

To add a new mailing list -

  1. Go to Mail >> Add Mailing List in your control panel.
  2. Provide a name for your mailing list, e.g. announcements.
  3. Specify access regulations for the mailing list. These include:
    • Who can join the list - you can choose to let anyone subscribe to the list, or only allow those subscribers that are approved
      by a moderator
    • Who can post to the list - you can choose to let anyone send messages to the list, or restrict posting privileges to list members or just moderators
    • Who receives replies to messages on the list - you can choose to let replies go to the original sender, or the entire list.
      Alternatively, you could specify a different email address that receives all replies.
  4. Specify at least one moderator for the mailing list. A moderator is a privileged user who generally controls activities on the mailing list. The responsibilities of a moderator may include regulating subscriptions to the list, reviewing and filtering message postings on the list etc.
  5. Click on Add Mailing List.

Once your mailing list is successfully added, you may want to add subscribers to this list. Click here to learn how.

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