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Limited Availability of Support
Posted by Anupam D on 19 September 2017 10:58:57 PM

Unfavourable weather conditions in Mumbai have severely hampered our support operations. We will not be able to offer phone support until the situation is better.

Please raise a support ticket from our website and we will try to assist you as soon as possible.

Inconvenience is highly regretted and we expect your co-operation in this extreme situation.


Update 1 : 

The situation is partially under control now and the support team will be available on all mediums of support.

However, we are still understaffed hence you might face a little delay in terms of support being offered.

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Unavailability of Billing Team
Posted by Elaine R on 19 September 2017 07:05:04 PM

The Billing Team will be unavailable for the following duration:

Date: Wednesday, 20th September 2017
Time: Till 7:30am IST

​​You can raise a ticket with us from providing us with details of your request.

All billing tickets will be responded at the earliest.

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Unavailability of Support
Posted by Elaine R on 07 September 2017 12:59:07 PM

Our Support Team will be unavailable for the following duration:

Date : Thursday, 7th September, 2017

Time : 09:30 AM - 10:30 AM (0930 hrs - 1030 hrs) GMT/UTC
03:00 PM - 04.00 PM (1500 hrs - 1600 hrs) IST

Duration : 60 minutes

In the meantime, if you have any queries please create support requests and we will try and update them at the earliest.

The inconvenience caused to you is highly regretted.

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Closure of OrderBox Forums
Posted by on 01 September 2017 12:34:35 PM

Hi everyone,
We're closing this forum as of today, you can follow our new product status page for new updates related to all our products and services.
The reason for doing this is to consolidate our support efforts and better serve our clients. Currently, we are unable to push notification based on your product portfolio causing a lot of noise as updates related to all products are pushed out via this channel. We'd like to decouple this and allow you as clients to choose which updates are relevant to you. 
We are sure that new system will help us to target our clients better instead of mirroring and updating information across several different products.
Kind Regards,

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A maintenance will be carried out by Nominet Registry as per the schedule mentioned below:

Maintenance Details :


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Start Time

05:00 AM UTC | 10:30 AM IST

End Time

07:00 AM UTC | 12:30 PM IST


2 Hours

TLDs Affected























During the maintenance, you will not be able to register, renew, transfer, manage or perform Whois look-ups for all the TLDs under Nominet.

Please note that domains which have already been registered and are functional (resolving to destination pages), will continue to function as normal.

Please reach out to the Support Team in case of any queries.

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